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Trip and fall injuries are responsible for 1000s of hospital visits per year. These accidents usually result in fractures, but the victims can also experience dislocations, neck and back injuries, and brain injuries.  

Stutes & Lavergne   Trip, Slip, & Fall Lawyers

If you have fallen, it is best to seek immediate medical attention. Often times, falls can result in concussions, broken bones, internal injuries and other injuries that need evaluations.

Falls occur anywhere, but more often than not they happen while at work or in a place of business. When someone is injured by a slip or fall on someone else's property, an injury claim may need to be filed.

Why Hire Us?

We’re committed to providing injured people the help and respect they deserve. No one expects to need an injury lawyer. We hope you all stay safe and out of harm’s way. But in the event something happens, we are here to help.

We understand that when someone is injured they will have numerous questions. Those questions are often times urgent. Our injury attorneys are on call 24/7 to help put our potential clients’ minds at ease.

We fight for our clients to ensure that they get fully compensated to help alleviate their burdens. Our clients’ only worry should be to focus on their recovery, while we handle the rest.

Places Slip & Falls Occur

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