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Because there are more distractions while driving, the number of car crashes, often times called "car accidents," have increased. Driving seems like an ordinary task, but can turn catastrophic in the blink of an eye.

Stutes & Lavergne Car Wreck Attorneys

In the unfortunate event you or a loved one is injured, the accumulation of medical bills combined with lost wages can leave you in a bind.

Automobile wrecks often involve property damages as well as physical injuries. Along with property damage comes body shop repairs (see diminished value claims) or totaled vehicles.

Insurance companies are required to pay for these losses but often try to settle fast. By offering a "decent" compensation package, before an attorney is consulted, they end up getting off the hook for the full extent of losses and medical issues are known. We hope you will never need us, but in the event you do, we are here to help.At Stutes & Lavergne, LLC, we understand the "game" insurance companies try to play. Fortunately, we know how to compete.

We sympathize with the terrible consequences car wrecks can cause. We work diligently to pursue the largest amount of money owed to our clients.

Why Hire Us?

We’re committed to providing injured people the help and respect they deserve. No one expects to need an injury lawyer. We hope you all stay safe and out of harm’s way. But in the event something happens, we are here to help.

We understand that when someone is injured they will have numerous questions. Those questions are often times urgent. Our injury attorneys are on call 24/7 to help put our potential clients’ minds at ease.

We fight for our clients to ensure that they get fully compensated to help alleviate their burdens. Our clients’ only worry should be to focus on their recovery, while we handle the rest.

Types of  Car Accidents

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